Do You Have the Gear For Winter Running?

Winter is coming to Colorado! Here are a couple of photos I took on a recent 4-miler on the Boulder Creek Path:

Winter in Colorado means short days, chilly air, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and skiing for most. This year, I chose not to get a ski pass and instead want to build a good base for my 2013 running schedule. I haven’t decided what races I’m going to be doing yet, but there are some really interesting races out there:

  • Road Less Traveled Relays have two new courses I’m excited about – The Heartland Relay and the Flaming Foliage Relay. I’m hoping to put together an Ultra Team for the Heartland Relay, and I have two guys that are up for it, but I’m having trouble getting 3 more crazy lunatics to do it with us.
  • The Colfax Marathon has a new course though the Denver Zoo which could be awesome.
  • I am also kicking around the idea of doing the Leadville Heavy Half to get some more experience with high altitude running.

In order to be ready for any of these, I’ve got to get some miles in over the winter. Winter running obviously requires different gear than spring/summer/fall running so I put together a list:

It stays dark later and gets dark earlier so I’ve got to be able to see. I usually don’t form a relationship with objects, but I absolutely LOVE my Black Diamond headlamp:

It’s important to keep your core warm when it’s cold out – but I get really warm when running so I dress in a lot of layers. I have a sweat wicking base layer that I bought on sale at a Marshall’s store:

Over that, I usually wear one of my many long sleeved race shirts and then my Black Diamond shell or a Sierra Design rain shell if it’s snowing outside:

For lower body warmth, I wear GoLite running tights and if it’s really cold I either bail on my run or wear a light weight Sierra Designs shell over them:

I could use a little more reflective gear for evening running and right now I’m just using my normal road shoes. We’ll see how wet and cold my feet get this winter!

Do You Have the Gear For Winter Running?

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