Building a Running Base

I’ve recently left a demanding job where I was working 80+ hour weeks in what I found to be a hostile environment. To save you from doing math, 80+ hour work weeks do not = much time for running. I suppose I could have made a habit of getting up in the morning and running before work. Instead, I got in the habit of waking up in the morning, checking my email on my cell phone in bed, swearing, sprinting into the shower (the only running I was doing) before heading into the office to try to keep one fire after another at bay.

Finally, with Jason’s support, I put in my notice, came home and jumped up and down in excitement — for about 10 seconds before I found myself out of breath! One year ago, I completed a half Ironman and PRed in my marathon and this year I couldn’t jump up and down for 10 seconds without getting winded.

Time to start running again. I was tempted to schedule daily 5 milers right off the bat but it turned out that I got really tired after about 2 miles. So, in order to be able to build up my base again, I adopted the Galloway method. The Galloway method incorporates walking breaks into your runs to keep your legs fresh.

I had used the run 7 minutes, walk 1 minute interval, but after reading this article I may experiment with walking a little more often. Hopefully that means that I can go further without injury! How do you build back a base after taking some time off running?

Building a Running Base

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