Sweet Georgia

Has anyone out there run the Colorado Relay (pre-Ragnar)? A few of you? Great. Remember the leg “Sweet Georgia?” It was billed as the “toughest leg of the race,” was 13 miles long, had 2,000+ feet of gain and loss and required runners to carry survival gear. Ring a bell? Well, I have always. Always! Wanted to run over Georgia Pass.

Jason got to run Georgia Pass during the relay last year – and I was super jealous. I was even more jealous when, the day before my half-Ironman, Jason and Johnny (our relay captain) ran over Georgia for a training run. I felt like Jason got initiated to a club I hadn’t been invited to join… yet.

This year Ragnar took over the Colorado Relay and eliminated all the single track routes from the course – including Sweet Georgia. I was extremely disappointed since it was finally my turn to run that leg. Fortunately, Johnny and Jason missed the single track too, and gave me the opportunity to go trail running last weekend — and Johnny accompanied me over Georgia Pass!!

I’m not in the best shape of my life, so I ended up hiking a lot of it, but it was still amazing to see the route, views and trail.

On the ascent there are a few little bridges like this one. Take the opportunity to get a drink and have a snack. You will need it later!

Much of the trail is super run-able despite all the mountain bikes on the route. Just be careful of those flying up behind you!

This way to the summit!! (There are those mountain bikers I spoke of.)

I made it!! (Up the ascent but only half way through the run.) This is me, a proud girl at the summit of Georgia Pass. Everything I try to eat tastes like chalk and I can’t keep down solid food, but this is a great moment.

This is my relay captain Johnny and I. We didn’t plan the matching shirts, and want to thank that mountain biker for taking the photo. Shortly after this photo on the decent we were past by a biker confused as to where we had come from or where we were going. You know you are in the middle of no-where and run a long way when mountain bikers on a decent slow down to question you. I asked where his pegs were because he was suppose to take me back to my car. He started riding faster.

This is a photo of the trail from the decent. Johnny and I stopped about 45 minutes after we say the last biker to listen to… nothing. There was no wind. No animals. No people. No cars. I even held my breathe. I’ve never heard silence like that. Johnny told me that it seemed spooky. I smiled and we started running down the trail again.

Here is the road that leads to the finish of the leg… don’t be fooled! You still have about a mile to go. I tried to hitch-hike the rest of the way, but Johnny wouldn’t let me.

We finished in 3.5 hours – 45 minutes slower than Johnny and Jason did. So, obviously, I’m going to have to train for it and give that another shot 🙂

See you next year, Sweet Georgia!

Sweet Georgia

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