Missing in Action

It’s been forever since I last blogged. I’m sorry. I’ve missed you too.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my first marathon lately. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about that huge feeling of accomplishment I got when I finished it. I trained pretty diligently for 5 months. I rarely missed a run, and while I often walked, I made sure to get the distance in. I was pretty scared of the race. More than once I would tear up a little the night before my long run when I needed to run a distance that I hadn’t before. Then, I would get up insanely early to beat the dry summer-in-Boulder heat and put in the miles.

Everyone has a list of things they want to do someday. Many of those lists include running a marathon, traveling, learning a foreign language, whitewater kayaking, take a cooking class… wait, that’s my list, but you get the point! Completing this first marathon caused me to check something off my someday list. That was an important moment for me. It caused me to realize that today is a someday!

Since May I’ve been on a pretty dysfunctional team at work. Long hours in a difficult environment and the recovery I felt like I needed afterwards caused me to choose not to do a lot of things I love about summer in Colorado. I haven’t gone camping since Zion in March, I’m not running a marathon this fall, I didn’t do a 14er, and I didn’t build the patio I really want.

It hasn’t been all bad – I’ve spent a couple of fantastic weekends in Steamboat and visited Ridgway, Colorado. I read some books and started running in the morning. I saw my sister graduate with her masters and friends get married.

But overall, I fell like I lost control of my life a little. One year ago, I completed my first half Ironman and set a new PR in my marathon. This year, I’m out of shape, feel like I missed the summer, and that I’m not spending my time the way I love to: Eating, Reading, Running, and Traveling — and blogging about it!

In order to kind of snap myself out of my funk, I’m doing a cleanse: the Clean Program (I didn’t buy the supplements). It’s basically an elimination diet that is suppose to help my body rid itself of toxins, give me energy, and most important to me – force me to break some of the habits that I’ve acquired over the past few months. Namely, not running, eating questionably healthy food, having a glass of wine or 3 every night, and feeling like I don’t have any energy.

The cleanse is 21 days long and Jason and I started yesterday. (I’m on day 2 without caffeine, beware)

What do you do to give yourself a little re-start? I could use a few ideas!

Missing in Action

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