Book Recommendation: A Practical Wedding

I’m engaged. (Yay!!) Soon after Jason popped the question and I said yes, my lovely friend Jennie, a wedding veteran and hero of a super fun celebration herself, started sending me links to the blog A Practical Wedding and the book by the same title. In my girliest, newly engaged frame of mind, I read the whole book in about a day. With a glass, okay, bottle of wine.

Meg Keene expertly walks you through the steps and stages of wedding planning and covers the following topics:

  • The real purpose of an engagement
  • Finding a venue
  • Battling the myth of tradition
  • Budgeting – realistically
  • Party planning 101
  • Fighting and crying with your man and your family (fortunately, I haven’t done any of that yet)
  • The ceremony
  • The aftermath

The book is witty and full of great advice like, “focus on how you want your wedding to feel more than what it looks like,” and “If it’s not making you happy, chuck it.”

She also discusses the Six Stages of Wedding planning so you future brides can be prepared:

  1. Euphoria: “SQUEE”
  2. Discovery: “OOOOH, PRETTY”
  3. Panic: “HOW THE HELL?”
  4. Outrage/Depression: “WHAT THE EFF,” “EFF ME”
  5. Rebellion: “EFF IT”
  6. Zen: “IT IS WHAT IT IS”

Fortunately, I’m still early enough in the actual planning process that I’m still in stage 2 and I’m hoping to bypass some of the panic and outrage phases with the help of amazing friends and family…

The point is, if you are engaged, or thinking you are about to be engaged shortly, pick up a copy of “A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration” and keep it very close beside you. It is sure to be a good friend for you to lean on throughout your whole awesome process.

Book Recommendation: A Practical Wedding

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