I Heart Kombucha

Kombucha. Heard of it? It’s a lightly sparkling, fermented sweet tea that originated in Northeast China a LONG time ago. Kombucha was believed by the Chinese to be “a beverage with magical powers enabling people to live forever.” Obviously, that’s not quite true – if Kombucha was the Fountain of Youth, there would be a bunch of super old Chinese people roaming around and someone would be making a fortune on this stuff!

Fountain of Youth or not, it makes me feel awesome. I recently started running in the morning and I poor myself a glass to drink on the way to work after my runs. I think it wakes me up, rehydrates me, and helps me focus. Other fans of Kombucha claim that it also sharpens eyesight, aids joint recovery, improves skin elasticity, and aids digestion.

After realizing how much Jason and I were spending on bottles of Synergy, my favorite brand (try the strawberry!), Jason picked up a couple of growlers of Kombucha from the juice bar at Whole Foods last week. I recommend the hibiscus elderberry. Yum!

Apparently, it isn’t hard to make and Jason keeps threatening to learn. I’ll let you know how it goes! What is your favorite recovery beverage?

I Heart Kombucha

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