Body Composition Goals

I have always love to run, and ever since I moved to Colorado I’ve been fascinated by endurance events. I’m inspired by those who go further than I thought was possible and I’m hungry to have a tiny taste of what it feels like to push your limits.

One of the many things that holds me back is my power to weight ratio. Body composition is one thing that differentiates me from those who go very far – and very fast. I’m not overweight. Today, at 5’3” I weigh 129 lbs. (I can’t believe I just put that on the internet). What bothers me is that 24% of those 129 lbs is fat.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) breaks down body fat percentage categories as follows:

Female athletes have body fat percentages of 14-20%. I am currently sitting on the low-end of the average. I’m barely in the fitness zone! How is that possible??

I think if I could change my composition to be something closer to 18-20%, I would…

  1. Be more efficient. With a lower body fat percentage, it takes less energy to go the same distances. Some research has shown that a runner can gain 1% in running speed for every 1% reduction in body fat.
  2. Feel good. I think I would have more energy and be more focused if my body was operating more effectively.
  3. Look hot. Two things – I bought a couple of amazing pairs of jeans while training for my first marathons that have not fit in over a year. Also, I’m engaged and getting married in about a year and I would love to feel like I look great in my pretty white dress.

According to this weight loss calculator, my current fat weight is 31 lbs and my current lean body weight is 98 lbs. My target weight should be 120 lbs and based on the calorie calculator at the bottom, I need 1398 calories to maintain my weight at my sedentary sitting-at-a-desk-working-a-day-job lifestyle. The calculator says that in order to lose those 9 pounds over the next 90 days, I need to trim (or burn) an extra 350 calories per day.

So, will you be my account-abila-buddy? I’d love to meet my goal by October 1! Does anyone have any tips for sticking to a lifestyle change? Also, if you see me eating a Snickers bar, please grab it and run. At least I will get a little exercise chasing you! 🙂


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