Why Didn’t I Take My Running Shoes to Zion?

I usually take running shoes most everywhere I travel. To be honest, many times I don’t use them. However almost every time I don’t have them I convince myself “that trail over there would make for the best run ever, if only I had my running shoes!”

That place I didn’t have my running shoes recently was Zion National Park. Jason and I spent a long weekend camping there with a couple of friends back in April. We arrived at the Watchman Campground on Friday evening and had camp barely set up before it started raining – and then continued raining straight through Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, we all decided to take the shuttle up through the canyon. We couldn’t see much of the canyon walls through the clouds, but it was a fantastic way to warm up and dry off. From that shuttle, I saw the trail I wish I had my running shoes for.

Running parallel to the Virgin river is a narrow, well cared for, rolling single track trail. It would make for a nice gentle climb up to the top of the canyon or a rolling cruiser down from the top. I immediately started day dreaming about running up and grabbing some lunch at one of the shelters on the way back.

From this trail you can some of the most amazing view of the park. If you want to get a little further off the road, there are some fantastic well kept paved and dirt trails. We hiked Angels Landing on Sunday when the weather finally cleared up and it would have made for a great climb. Just don’t expect to run the ridge at the top. Hold on to the chains tight and don’t look down!

Where do you wish you had taken your running shoes?

Why Didn’t I Take My Running Shoes to Zion?

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