Challenges with High Volume Training: Life.

I haven’t blogged for a while. The reason for this is my sense of humor took a temporary hiatus from triathlon training. I’ve reached the highest volume of hours / distance in the training program and I’m extremely frustrated that I haven’t been meeting my goals I set for myself each week. The rest of my life has this pesky way of distracting me from getting in the necessary time in the pool, on my bike and out running I think I need to stay on track.

I’ve also started getting lonely and kind of restless. Most of my training has been by myself partly because I need to fit in workouts at odd hours of the day and partly because I hesitate to ask my friends if they would like to join me in my 5:30am spinning class (I don’t care for getting laughed at). When I’m doing brick workouts over the weekend it’s difficult to time the transitions so that people can join me for just one leg. I’ve also had to miss happy hours, gigs my friend’s band played, and weekend camping trips due to long hours training on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

In addition to all this, I just found out yesterday that I need knee surgery. My gross little lump in my knee has turned into scar tissue and will need to be removed surgically. Simply draining my knee again won’t work as it’s not liquid anymore. Fortunately, my doctor said that the procedure  is minimally invasive, he can put the stitches under my skin (really?!), and dress the incision so I should be able to start training 48 hours later. This is amazing, but I don’t feel like I have 48 hours to lay on a couch recovering from knee surgery.

My body composition quest is progressing acceptably. I’m currently at 23% (down from 24%). I usually get stuck at 23% so I’m going to have to be good for a little while to see if I can break through this plateau.

All that said, I am starting to feel better, the weather is finally getting (and staying) pretty nice outside and I’ve broken through some stuff going on in my personal life to a place where I am ready to redirect my efforts back to training. Hopefully that means blogging too. Hope you are all doing well in your training, you life, or wherever your focus might be. Lindsay Brust

Challenges with High Volume Training: Life.

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