Gym Matters

I’ve been a member of a local inexpensive gym here in Boulder for years. Their equipment is fairly new and usually in reasonable condition. The group fitness class offerings are adequate, and it’s close to my house. The problem is that you can almost never get a machine during peak hours (last night I waited 20 minutes for a treadmill), you have to arrive about half an hour early to get on the list for the cycling class and the instructor occasionally does not show up.

As someone who’s at the gym a lot, I am going to set a few ground rules for a good gym experience:

  • Don’t blow your nose, pee, or do anything but wash yourself in the public showers. Whatever you do at home is your business, but these showers are PUBLIC and I hear some gross stuff going on in there
  • Don’t wear shorts that are so short I can see your butt cheeks. I know they are called shorts and I know that you, at 18 years old probably have a cute butt, but I don’t need to see it hanging out from under your shorts.
  • Don’t wander around completely naked in the locker room. (Men, I know some of you have fantasies about what the women’s locker room is like. If you want to keep that image, I suggest you quit reading this right now) I know you naked women are comfortable with your bodies, but I just don’t find it pleasant to watch you strut around or dry your hair completely naked. Please. Please. Just put on some clothes. Or a towel. That’s what towels are for.
  • Get in and get out. Don’t chat. Don’t take a phone call. Just move. Think of it as part of your workout.
I just treated myself to a three month membership at the Colorado Athletic Club here in Boulder and I’m afraid I might have just spoiled myself rotten. I went to my first cycling class this morning and not only was there plenty of room, but the bikes have power meters on them so you can see how hard you are working, as well as how far and how fast you are going. I’m such a competitive person that I am motivated by keeping track of my stats, and seeing if I can go further, faster, or how much stronger I’m getting. After my cycling class (where I rode 13.6 miles and burned 410 calories in 43 minutes) I enjoyed a hot shower with shampoo, condition, and body wash provided and grabbed a complimentary cup of coffee on the way to work. I’m already starting to rationalize how I can afford to continue going to this gym in what I would save on toiletries. What do you look for in your gym?
Gym Matters

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