The Importance of Massage in Triathlon Training

My apologies for my lack of posts over the past week. I bet after my last post you thought that I threw in the towel and went back to sitting around, drinking wine, and reading nonfiction.

While that sounds tempting, what actually happened is my boyfriend and I bought a house, packed, painted, moved, unpacked, cleaned, ran errands and tried to put some order back in our lives. My training suffered. I felt like it was too indulgent for me to go for a run or a ride while my dad and my friends were helping me move. At least I got in some strength training lifting boxes and going up and down stairs. Even though I’m emotionally exhausted, I’m physically feeling pretty good. As a treat to myself for my hard work I booked a massage at Cafe of Life. (The first time you book online it’s $35 for an hour) I requested a deep tissue massage and they recommended Brad.

Though I still think that triathletes are a little crazy (seriously, one sport isn’t enough?), I understand their insanity a little better if it validates spending a fairly obscene amount of money for massage. Nothing feels better then someone rubbing your achy feet. Nothing.

My shoulders, which are usually pretty tight, are now ridiculous. Especially where my muscles connect to my shoulder blades. I almost screamed when he dug his thumb into my back. My hamstrings and quads are also pretty tender. I’m shocked that I’m actually not sore today.

Brad said that I need much more then an hour to do a full body massage – and at 5’3″ my body isn’t that big! Apparently, triathlon training is causing me to have a lot of kinks to work out. If only I could afford it more often. Now, I am assuming Brad is a master salesperson because that’s the only explanation for it, but at one point during my massage, he asked me if I was a professional triathlete. Note to salespeople everywhere, I will buy anything from you if you ask me if I’m a professional athlete and then act surprised when I tell you I have a full time job.

The Importance of Massage in Triathlon Training

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