Struggling with Rest

Thursdays are my rest days, which should be awesome, but I’m nervous and restless today. When training for a marathon, I loved my rest days because I was usually sore, stiff, or sleepy. I welcomed a day where I could put my feet up, drink a lot of water and relax, guilt free.

I think that since I’m training in three sports instead of just one for the triathlon, I’m not getting near as sore or stiff. Swimming works out the stiffness I get sitting on a bike. Biking works out the soreness in my joints, and running is what I would do for fun and to stay in shape anyway.

The only main side effect I’m suffering from is exhaustion. Yesterday I was so tired I had to pump myself full of caffeine (which I’ve cut back on significantly recently) in order to stay awake at my desk in the afternoon. I went to bed early and slept all night, which almost never happens. (I’m looking at you, cat… who does not have trouble resting. Ever.)

I feel much more rested today so it’s difficult to not feel guilty about working out. After all, I had coffee with a mentor and friend of mine on Tuesday who has finished “several” half Ironman races during his career and he pointed out that someone training for a triathlon really has five sports, not just three: Swim, Bike, Run, Lift, Stretch.

So, today, I started thinking about how I might be able to squeeze in a brisk walk over lunch, or I could do some lifting at home tonight after the event I’m going to. I felt so guilty when a coworker went for a ride over lunch and I walked to get a pedicure. I feel like if I’m not moving forward, I must be moving backwards.

Does anyone else feel this way? What do you do to snap out of it?

Struggling with Rest

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