Run, Swim, Grocery Store

Yesterday I did my second brick workout. To be honest, I’m not sure if it counts as a brick workout because I understand so little about triathlons that I don’t even know what the workouts are called. Nevertheless, I ran 8 miles then walked directly to the gym and swam 800 yards. If you don’t already consider this a giant mistake (I could have drown!) I made a much larger mistake after getting out of the pool.

I went to the grocery store. Starving. I had some oatmeal for breakfast at about 8:30am then proceeded to workout for about 2.5 hours straight. I burned approximately 1,050 calories since I last ate… which is about 2/3 the number of calories I burn all day if I don’t work out.

I was so hungry I was light headed. The only thing that kept me from maxing out my credit card on food was the fact that I knew I had to carry it all home and I was feeling a little light headed. I pounded a whole bottle of Zico Pina Tropicale coconut water as soon as I walked in the door and threw the empty bottle in the cart to pay for later. I tried to focus on the list I’d made earlier. Then I tried to focus on things that where good for me. Then I tried to focus on what Jason would say if he came home from camping to find three grocery carts in the living room and me passed out on the floor with crumbs everywhere. I finally made it out alive with just what I had on the list… plus Kettle Chips. I could not pass up the salt.

Let this be a lesson for you all. Never. Never. Never. Add “grocery store” to the end of “brick workout.” Whatever that is.

Run, Swim, Grocery Store

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