Gym Bag Checklist

Nothing is more frustrating to me then dragging myself out of bed and hauling myself to the gym to realize that I’ve forgotten something I absolutely can’t workout without: Shoes, socks, head phones, coffee. You get the picture. I’ve borrowed hair ties from girls in the locker room, I’ve washed my face with the soap next to the sink in the locker room, one time, I even borrowed an iPod from the girl working the front desk. As a gift to myself during this busy training season, I’m going to treat myself to a fully stocked gym bag. This is what I’m not leaving home without ever again…

The bag features:

  • Separate vented shoe compartment
  • Pockets outside for phone, cash, or other last minute items


  • Sports bra
  • Socks – gotta have clean socks!
  • Extra set of headphones that live in the gym bag
  • Hair tie or bobby pins
  • Nutrition: Shot blocks and Cliff bar in case I get hungry or need a little boost during brick workouts
  • Toiletries: Make-up removing wipes, face lotion, deodorant, some light make-up in case you are going back to work or to meet friends afterwards, hair gel (people with longer hair then me might want a hair dryer or comb) – even if you have this all at home, I think it’s worth it to invest in a second set. This way, you never have an excuse to stay home, not pack your bag or end up frustrated because your face is flaking off after washing it with gym-sink soap
  • Water bottle


  • Running shoes – if you are flush with cash, get a pair to live in your gym bag
  • Shorts
  • Tank top / sweat wicking shirt


  • Clip shoes for spinning classes
  • (running shorts and tank top or sweat wicking shirt are included in running list)


  • Swim suit
  • Goggles
  • Swim cap
  • Towel

Am I missing anything?

Gym Bag Checklist

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