Enjoying Disconnection

One of the things I like most about traveling is that being in a new location makes everyday activities seem new and causes me to notice different things about my everyday life in Boulder, Colorado.

For example, at the Miami airport on Wednesday, as I was triple checking my printouts with reservation numbers for hostels, bus tickets, and return information, I realized that I was a little nervous. Half way through my first glass of wine at the bar near my gate I pinpointed the cause of my nerves. My cell phone. I´ve had a smart phone for about 2 years and I didn´t realize how much I relied on always having access to the internet as a safety net. I double check reservations, use mobile boarding passes at the airport, double check about plans with friends and kill time on my phone. So, even though I´m blogging during my vacation, I´m going to try to enjoy being disconnected.

Enjoying Disconnection

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